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Artkrush is a bimonthly email magazine covering the key figures, exhibitions, and trends in international art and design.

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Flavorpill has received a few good bits of press from the likes of WIRED, the New York Times, the Financial Times, and Time.com — scroll down to see the articles.

If you're a journalist and would like to receive a press kit or talk to one of the people steering the Flavorpill ship, drop us an email at press.



August 1, 2007

"...gearing up for a very special show in New York in September."

New York Post

July 28, 2007

"We're cultivating an environment where people feel comfortable just being themselves, meeting new people and experiencing a bit of childlike wonder..."


July 26, 2007

"The result is an eclectic, catholic style that, its editors believe, does its best to distil excellence from cultural chaos. Subscribers would appear to agree."


June 13, 2007

"the unique venue provides a superb platform for Flavorpill to flaunt their cool connections and rope in even more subscribers"

The Tripwire

November 7, 2006

"Current TV and Flavorpill Sitting in a Tree..."


October 11, 2006

"The archetypal New York geek actually gets out and hits the city."

The New Zealand Herald

September 15, 2006

"The curator of cool is discussing the importance of "eyeballing" fashion."

The New York Times Magazine

September 10, 2006

"How did two veterans of the first Internet boom become the Web's arbiters of urban hipness?"

Business Week

September 4, 2006

"Flavorpill is further proof that you can build a Web media company from an email."


July 13, 2006

"Partytime: A blockbuster book about the demise of the blockbuster."

Media Bistro.com "Fishbowl"

July 13, 2006

"It seemed that anyone even-remotely associated with New York's new media resurgence was in Tribeca last night at the Flavorpill-hosted New York debut of Wired editor Chris Anderson's Long Tail."


May, 2006

"What's happening now."


April, 2006

"A-B buys more Super Bowl ads than anyone else, but they still see the value in nontraditionl partnerships."

Financial Times

April 13, 2006

"Cheap computing tools and hardware are giving start-ups the freedom to turn down venture capitalists."


March 2006

"Eight talents, hand picked by Flavorpill, will create signature ads for the Budweiser Select Brand, decidedly geared toward the hip and creative set."


March 20, 2006

"What's awesome about this growth is that it's being led by the people, not by mainstream media or because the major portals are pushing certain services and features."

The New York Times

March 12, 2006

"Flavorpill has run ads for American Express, Audi and Anheuser Busch. The company now publishes nine e-mail letters with over 300,000 subscribers."

BPM Magazine

February 2006

"Flavorpill is the big boy of indie culture calendars for NYC (and half a dozen other cities)."

Village Voice

The Best of NYC, 2005
October 2005

"When boredom strikes, FLAVORPILL nearly hits Google levels of far-reachingness."

Financial Times

October 22, 2005

"These bloggers and webzine-ites, the self-taught and style-sassy, have come in from the cold and may exert more influence over what you wear than you think."

RE:UP magazine

October 2005

"A mini-website full of stories and links and event listings, all designed tight, simple and gorgeous."

Time.com Online Edition

July 2005

"Music, art, fashion and other carefully selected event highlights in five cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and Chicago. Type in your email address to get the weekly newsletter for the urban mecca of your choice, and you'll always know just what to do with your free time."

Wall Street Journal Online Edition

April 29, 2005

"Though Flavorpill had no advertising when it started as a part-time hobby in 2000 by co-founders Mark Mangan and Sascha Lewis, it eventually attracted advertisers including Nike Inc, Volkswagen AG's Audi, Diesel and Sony Corp."

The New York Times Magazine

April 10, 2005

"Over the past five years, the owners of Flavorpill have turned this (filtered content) line of thought into something that is a kind of mini-media company if not a quite an empire."

Another Generation

Spring 2005 Issue

"The magazine offers up a choice platter for the connoisseur of the cultural zeitgeist, and the post modern palate is left most satisfied."

am New York

March 4, 2005

"Everyone has that friend who knows all the coolest stuff going on that night."

Surface magazine

March 2005

"What separates Flavorpill from its myriad of competitors is its military-grade radar for cool."

The Times, London

February 20, 2005

"If you live in London and have, or at least aspire to have, a social life, you simply must pop a weekly Flavourpill."


December 2004

"This free email magazine is guaranteed to make you an instant member of the cultural cognoscenti... It's like an HTML happy meal for your inbox."

am New York

October 26, 2004

"Since its debut in 2000, Flavorpill has gained a reputation for uncovering the city's truly precious cultural gemstones."


July 23, 2004

"Consider subscribing to this free e-mail newsletter, put out by the same folks who bring you the endlessly entertaining Boldtype book mailing we told you about a few months ago. The listings are hand-picked by clever folk, and the site includes nifty extras such as a reader-commentary area."

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