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November 26, 2008

Roman Signer: Reisebilder zwischen Leben und Tod

Now through January 18

A master of slapstick, Roman Signer makes photographs, sculptures, installations, drawings, and short films that poke fun at everyday objects and situations. Reisebilder zwischen Leben und Tod, which roughly translates as, "Travel pictures between life and death," provides an intimate overview of his work. Photographs of charming food stands and handcrafted memorials shot in the Ukraine and Romania fill the walls of one of the galleries, surrounding an installation that Signer made by riding a bike around a central structure, wrapping it with yellow caution tape. In Nachfahrt, a video projected out of the back of a small Italian postal truck captures a rainy drive from a town to the countryside, lit by the truck's headlights. Signer's dry sense of humor is best exhibited in a series of Super-8 films that records a variety of absurd actions, such as his hat being yanked off by a bottle rocket. In addition to these, some 70 drawings on view illustrate the planning behind his farfetched works.

-Paul Laster

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