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Artkrush is a bimonthly email magazine covering the key figures, exhibitions, and trends in international art and design.

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August 20, 2008


Founded in September 2005 in Basel, Switzerland, VernissageTV has built a reputation on providing brilliantly edited shorts that plumb the art world for on-the-scene video from gallery openings, international exhibitions, and art fairs, as well as in-depth interviews with renowned art professionals. Recently, VTV editors Heinrich Schmidt and Arno Dietsche traveled to New Mexico to cover the SITE Sante Fe 2008 Biennial. A two-part interview with SITE director Laura Steward Heon ensued, covering Sante Fe's rich artistic heritage; the biennial's core themes of process, collaboration, and ephemera; and SITE's educational outreach programs. Other outstanding biennial footage includes documentation of social activist Hiroshi Fuji's site-specific sculptures constructed from discarded materials, and Nick Mangan's fake excavation site — a project that unearths both the fact and fiction of Santa Fe's history.

-Paddy Johnson

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